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Introduction to Sales Development

Our Work Process to Develop Your Business

At GO ON GROUP, our sales development team follows a structured process to help businesses grow and achieve their goals.
This includes:

Connecting With Prospects

At GO ON GROUP, we use a variety of tactics to reach out to potential leads, including cold calls, emails, and social media outreach. Our sales development team is skilled at building relationships and effectively communicating the value of our products and services to prospects. We take a personalized approach to connecting with prospects, tailoring our messaging and resources to meet their specific needs and challenges. By showing that we have taken the time to understand a prospect’s unique situation, we are more likely to be seen as a valuable resource and trusted advisor.

A Fast, Standardized Lead Follow-up Process

We have a streamlined process in place for following up on leads in a timely and consistent manner. This helps ensure that no opportunities are missed and that leads are progressed through the sales process efficiently.
Here is an example of a fast, standardized lead follow-up process:
  1. Upon receiving a new lead, the sales development representative (SDR) assigns the lead to themselves and updates the lead’s status in the CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Nurture Leads to Accelerate Your Pipeline

Through personalized demos, targeted marketing campaigns, and other resources, we help nurture leads through the sales process.

“Nurturing leads” refers to the process of providing ongoing support and resources to prospects in order to help them move through the sales process. This can include things like personalized demos, targeted marketing campaigns, and valuable content and resources. By nurturing leads, businesses can help to accelerate the sales pipeline by increasing the chances of converting leads into actual sales opportunities.

Convert a Lead to an Opportunity

At GO ON GROUP, our sales development team is skilled at helping businesses convert leads into opportunities.

Here are a few specific ways that we can help:

  1. Clearly communicate the value of our products or services: Our team is trained to clearly explain the benefits and features of our offerings and how they can solve specific challenges and meet the needs of prospects.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

By outsourcing your sales development efforts to GO ON GROUP, you can free up time and resources for your in-house team to focus on other priorities. This can help increase overall productivity and efficiency.

Follow-Up on Your Customers

To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, businesses should focus on providing high-quality products or services, offering excellent customer service, communicating openly and transparently, soliciting and listening to customer feedback, and offering incentives or rewards for loyalty. GO ON GROUP can advise businesses on how to effectively implement these strategies and create a positive customer experience that encourages loyalty. By working with GO ON GROUP, businesses can drive long-term success and achieve their goals.

Timeline Process

Compensation Structure

Our business model offers significant cost savings over direct foreign market investment. Our fees are commission-based on sales and include cost-effective monthly retainers.

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