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Go-On Group is in the fortunate situation where all companies in the world need sales services.  We have the reputation to generate results, and our high retention rate proves our success.  We have a network of over 5800 contacts and 20 years of experience in Germany, Italy, Monaco, United States, United Kingdom, Holland, Russia and Japan.

As a dynamic and highly skilled team, we at Go-on Group Business Development are focused on meeting our customer’s needs and on finding the best solution to their challenges. Our team is active in various fields on international markets.

We set ourselves apart by our flexibility and the languages our team can serve you with.

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The Way We Work


Our expertise spans across a wide range of fields and industries...


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We are interested in establishing a relationship with our clients by supporting them with honest and realistic service. We strive to learn about your products and we work as if we are a Sales Agent from your own company. Our Goal is to understand your business and to marketeer and sell it as such. Go-on Group has been founded with the idea of business with close communication, in other words – good communication. We are always working on the way we communicate in order to sell your product the way you would sell it yourself.

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