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Activities and Services

International Procurement

Global Procurement

  • Global process of acquiring goods and/or services needed for customers business
  • Ensure that the company receives goods/services at the best possible price
  • Worldwide

Supply Chain Management

  • Developing procurement strategy for customer needs
  • Monitoring the entire supply chain national/international operations

Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Our Focus

Identify needs Define a strategy

Analysis of the market worldwide

Go out for a tender process

Add value and save money

Our Specialty

Our Services

  • Taking over parts or complete procurement with tendering, evaluation, negotiation, award, contract design, monitoring of delivery
  • Provide support in creating a (global) strategy
  • Renegotiation: contact existing suppliers and achieve a better price, create added value in terms of conditions, delivery times, quality, payment terms…
  • Assist in supply chain management

Who we are

Go-on Group was established in 1999 and has offices in Düsseldorf, Munich, Monaco, London, Houston, Al-Khobar and Georgia.

Go-on Procurement focuses on meeting the needs of our customers by achieving best value in procurement. A crucial factor is the delivery of required goods/services in time and quality. Another important factor is to achieve best price and most advanced terms. By acting in this, our clients position will be strengthened for a successful future.

Enhance Your Procurement Strategy

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