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Virtual Office

Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Office.

We are able to offer you five different types of business development service solutions where you will have your own virtual or sales office in Germany, Monaco, London or Amsterdam/Utrecht with all the expected services of a professional set up at reduced costs. You will have the choice between a simple virtual office up to a platinum package, which includes all services to achieve a successful and fast market entry.

Below we introduce our Business Capabilities for the Virtual Office in a short overview – we will explain further steps on how we realize our service upon request.


Our Virtual Office is the Basic Solution which we suggest to all of our clients as an entry into the business and services we can support you with. This business package is offered under terms of a running fee and grants you a constant passive representation in the territory defined.


For a detailed price indication please consult our office in Düsseldorf, we will be glad to support you further. Call us at +49 211 30234800 or send us an E-Mail

Core Competencies

  • Virtual Business Address
  • E-Mail Address
  • Dedicated Telephone Number
  • Many Optionals at Cost

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