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Overview about our Virtual and Sales Office Solutions

We are able to offer you four different types of business development service solutions where you will have your own virtual or sales office in Germany, Monaco, London, Amsterdam/Utrecht, or Houston, with all the expected services of a professional set up at reduced costs. You will have the choice between a simple virtual office up to a platinum package, which includes all services to achieve a successful and rapid market entry.

Our business development service solutions are: Virtual Office, Silver Package, Gold Package, and Platinum Package.

Explanation of Services Provided

Dedicated Sales Manager

A selected professional will be entitled to work for your company as a dedicated Sales Manager who will work as a Key Accountant for your projects exclusively. The hours worked on a monthly basis is based on the business development service solution.

Email Address

An additional branch office email address will be established to enable our employees to deal directly with your customers. Alternately, we set up companyname@go-on-group.com, which we will continuously and permanently revise for you. The received emails will either be dealt with directly by us, or forwarded onto the right person within your company. Emails we send on your behalf will show your company logo and the German, Monegasque, English or Dutch address.

Dedicated Telephone Number

You will have a separate telephone number for your company that will be answered by a native speaker welcoming the caller with your company name. Furthermore, we will have a personalized mailbox set up for your company which answers if our offices are closed.

Translation Services

We offer translation services of incoming mail, or any communications between you and your clients. Not included in our basic service are translations of more than 10 pages (for files) a month.  Any exceeding amount on translations will be outsourced and invoiced to you.

Mailing Cost (Courier) and Photocopying

Your fee includes all costs of national standard postal services sent on your behalf. We will undertake any photocopying and sorting of mailings and promotional material for you (black & white, colour to be quoted separately). Any additional courier services will be at cost and invoiced to you accordingly.

Travel Service

We will prepare your hotel reservations, including travel for trade fairs, as well as assist with the booking of train and flight tickets within Europe.

Management of Sales Activities for Existing Clients

We offer a large variety of sales activities for your existing clients in your requested territory. We handle all incoming inquiries, orders, and other communication, and will provide up-to-date feedback of all activities.

Meeting Room Facilities

You are welcome to use the Go-on offices with presentation equipment and refreshments for client meetings for a maximum of 5 days a month. We also offer to arrange conferences (cost on request).

Contact List Potential Clients

We will execute a market research to source your potential clients in your requested territory, and we will prepare a detailed contact list. This list of potential clients will be managed and approached constantly.

Calls per Month, incl. sending of Information E-mails, advertising by Phone

A dedicated sales manager will take care of all active sales activities. We provide consistent communication to your existing and potential clients, sending information emails and product information to increase your sales.

Call and Meeting Reports

We will keep record of all calls and meetings, and provide a complete overview of all sales and customer activities. You will be consistently informed on all developments involving your project.

Client Visit per Month within 300 km

To assist you in meeting customers, we offer one client visit per month within 300 km of our office’s location.

Additional Client Visit within 300 km

Handling Local Trade Fairs

We will give you all of our support to search, organize and handle local trade fairs. We will be present at local trade fairs and act in your behalf; sourcing and approaching prospective customers.

Working Place with Secretarial Service

When you or your employees are travelling, you can use a dedicated working place and meeting rooms at the Go-on offices for a maximum of 5 days a month. Established wireless internet connection, printing and photocopying services as well as secretarial support are available whilst you are travelling.

Procurement Activities

We could support you in searching and finding new suppliers to optimize your cost structure. We can source suppliers, arrange the inquiry, order, and arrange shipping of the delivery for your projects.

Business Partner Service

We can provide a consultant to meet your customers or accompany you as your “employee”, on any business trip worldwide in order to achieve the best result possible.

There is a daily fee for this service – for trips of less than 300km from Düsseldorf the cost is € 500,00 per day, for trips of over 300 km from Düsseldorf the cost is € 800,00 per day (this includes expenses of our consultant). Prices for Monaco upon request.

Work paid by the hour – Pro-active activities

Hourly models for pro-active activities or administrative tasks have to be determined between both parties according to the contract undersigned and project approved. Specified tasks from Accounting over Project Procurement (Supply Chain Optimization / Global Sourcing) to Human Resource Development.

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