International Management

International Management

Go-on Group provides management at the international level while representing your company.  This includes executing administrative tasks and interacting with customers locally by phone, mail, and meetings.  Our knowledge of customs and culture for Europe (Germany, France, Monaco, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom), Russia, United States, and the Middle East help us serve you by connecting to an untapped international market base.  We speak the languages and care for cultural differences, understanding nuances and different approaches towards customers from outside of your comfort zone.

Personalized Management for your Goals

In addition to boosting sales, we also offer management services to support you and your company with the daily workflow.  Our professionals can help you manage and administer the key components of your business leading to real results and success.

To stay relevant and effective, we use smart business engagement backed by customer insights and our valuable knowledge of the local market. Customer service management is often a compelling challenge for companies requiring an intercultural management service, and the need for alternative geographies to operate from.  Due to our international structure and years of networking, we are equipped to offer a presence on the European market, and mutual benefits between your customers and your company’s goals.

We offer innovative, value-added customer management services such as:

  • Procurement Activities
  • Customer Account Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic + Operative Planning