Boosting Sales

Boosting Sales

Go-on Group offers further development of your business by boosting sales, managing your current customers, and sourcing for new customers.  Go-on Group has experience that delivers positive and ongoing sales improvement by understanding the products, markets, market direction, and industrial applications across a multitude of industries.

Go-on is proven to have the competency to fully understand your products and commodities, and the fortitude to direct complicated technical cases to you in a professional manner.  No owned staff, no risk, no surprises. Our employees represent your sales force.

We Develop your Business

A Virtual Office includes:

Virtual Business address using our renowned offices in Germany, Monaco, London, Amsterdam/Utrecht, or Houston.

Postal and email traffic is forwarded to your dedicated contact point persons.

Incoming telephone calls to a dedicated number and answered using your company name.

Representation with a professional appearance, every day, guaranteed.

A Branch Office Service serves as a fundamental addition to the Virtual Office appearance, and includes:

A local project manager to implement pro-active sales activity in your company’s name

  • Cold call acquisition
  • Customer relationship generation
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Trade show support
  • After sales service


Go-on incorporates more than 20 years of experience in international business development, further qualifying our professional representatives.  Your sales and service office is fully operative with highly motivated sales managers ready to move ahead. Our organization includes integrative SPI (Sales Process Implementation).


An adequate Sales Process Implementation is described as follows:

  • Define current situation and development goals
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Roadmap and business plan generation
  • Sales force training
  • Pro-active market penetration of Go-on staff representing your company
  • Persistently generating quotations, contracts and profit