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Go-on Group is always looking for people interested in experiencing an internship for our Düsseldorf / Monaco Location at our company. We offer a highly versatile environment as well as a work space that is characterized through professional colleagues and a strong work ethnic as well as cohesiveness as a team. We hope to welcome you for a terminated span of time (3/6 months – 1 Year or longer if both-sided interest). Please apply to our general contact details in the contact section, we assure you that all emails/calls/documents will find the way to the right contact person within our Human Ressource Division.

Some of the minimum trades you must definitely have in order to apply:

– Abitur / Mittlere Reife or equivalent

– interest in economics

– a good understanding of MS Office

– reasonable english skills

– a organized and friendly appearance

– a Teamplayer!

As a dynamic and highly skilled team we at Go-on Group Business Development are focused on meeting our customer’s needs and on finding the best solution to their challenges. Our team is active in various fields on international markets.

We set ourselves apart by our flexibility and the languages our team can serve you with: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Romanian and Turkish.

An Internship at Go-on Group Business Development will start from a three months to a various years experience in international trade and will prepare you for any cases you will experience in your working live. We have many divisions for you to work at in which you will dive deep into the roots of each position. Internship might be prolonged if you perform well, so make sure to keep your happiness and motivation high and your missing times and failure rates low!

Apply now for an Internship:

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